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Prominence in Education and Science - the University of Szeged

Value, quality and continuous innovation. At the University of Szeged, you can access high-quality education and outstanding research opportunities in one of the most beautiful towns of Hungary. If you want to get a valuable European degree and be part of a vibrant international community, Szeged will be a perfect choice for you.

Szeged, the City of Sunshine

Szeged, the chief town of Csongrád-Csanád County located at the south-eastern border, is one of the most beautiful towns of Hungary. Being the third most populated city of the country, Szeged is the regional and cultural centre of the whole Southern Great Plain. It is crossed by the River Tisza, the longest river of Hungary, which gives a picturesque view to the whole nearby area. The river is home to several sports events every year and it is an important venue of many tournaments. Szeged is often called the City of Sunshine as having the highest number of sunny days throughout the year. 

Szeged has a beautiful downtown attracting thousands of tourists each year. The town gives home to numerous cultural programmes and festivals, such as the widely-known Szeged Open-Air Festival at the marvellous Cathedral Square or the annually organised SZIN (Youth Days of Szeged), which won the Greener Festival Awards in 2009. Kárász Street, which is the main street of the city, offers many restaurants, coffee bars and shops surrounded by beautiful buildings built in the Art Nouveau and Romantic styles.

The University of Szeged

The University of Szeged is one of the largest and most prestigious higher education institutions in Hungary with a history dating back to 1581. After several stages of expansion and integration through the years, the university has grown into the leading educational and scientific centre of the region with its 12 faculties, 19 doctoral schools and a Teacher Training Centre.


Today, the University of Szeged offers a wide range of degree programmes at all degree levels for nearly 21 000 students, with more than 2000 teaching and research staff. Its programmes cover almost every field of study from legal sciences to engineering, its medical programmes have gained high international reputation all over the world. Thanks to its outstanding research achievements, the university is one of the most prominent research universities of Hungary with nearly 700 areas to choose from. There have been many outstanding professors and researchers working at the university over the years, the Nobel Laureate Albert Szent-Györgyi, who was the first to isolate Vitamin C or Zoltán Bay, the world-famous professor of theoretical physics are among the most prominent ones of all.

The university usually appears among the top 510th positions globally, and according to the QS ranking 2021, it is placed as the best Hungarian university.

International life at the University of Szeged

Thanks to its excellent education and outstanding research capacities, the University of Szeged is one of the most popular Hungarian universities among international students. Currently the University hosts close to 4000 students coming from abroad. More than 60 full-time degree programs are available in English, German, French and other foreign languages. Furthermore, the University offers preparatory courses and different summer schools as well. At its historical campuses, the University of Szeged gives home to a thriving, cosmopolitan community with students from more than 130 countries. Students can enjoy the multicultural environment in the city and find university events like the International Cultural Evening, May 1st Picknick, Jam Sessions and many more.

Thanks to its high-quality education, excellent research opportunities and vibrant international milieu, the University of Szeged is a perfect choice for all who wish to study abroad. Click here to find out more about the university and its programmes.

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