Student Networks

​Almost every Hungarian university has its own network to help foreign students and scholarship holders to become integrated into the local community.
If you are interested, get in touch with them or with the international organisations via the links below.

Why should you join a youth organisation during your stay?
  • it’s an opportunity to work and live in a fully international environment
  • you can make the most of your stay
  • they organise programmes specifically aimed at foreign students
  • they promote scholarships and internships to other countries
  • international and national workshops
  • they organize professional workshops
  • you will gain some leadership experience through them

We listed some of the university-based student organizations below to give you some general information, please contact your school to receive more up-to-date information in connection with local organizations at your institution. 

Alumni Network Hungary

The Alumni Network Hungary is coordinated by the Tempus Public Foundation (TPF) and in close cooperation with the country’s universities and colleges. It wishes to establish and enhance an interactive, highly engaged and vibrant alumni community of former international students who have attended or graduated from any higher education institutions in Hungary.

The purpose of the International Alumni Network is to provide a forum to connect or (re)unite with your former fellow students and alma mater through social events, alumni meetings and online services of our website. You could stay updated about Hungary by obtaining exclusive access to our quarterly published newsletter about cultural, educational and training programmes and further potential scholarships. 

Become a member!

  • Be part of an excellent and vivid network of professionals from all around the world
  • Build relationships and expand your social network
  • Enjoy the sense of belonging and share your memories about your studentship
  • Have the unique experience of being a member of an exciting and diverse community
  • Get practical news and tips regarding career and further education possibilities
  • Gain access to the VIP content of the Alumni portal and newsletter by registration
  • Brush up or keep updated your Hungarian language skills
  • Serve as a role model for prospective students by sharing your precious experiences
  • Convey your professional knowledge and mentor future scholars with orientation and training in their preparation for their studies
  • Enrich your CV and skills by volunteering for us

How to join and what to do?

We kindly invite you to register as a member of the   network for free of charge and benefit of our alumni events and extend your professional relations! Thank you for joining the community and following us   on Facebook!  

If you have any questions on your mind, do not  hesitate to contact the International Alumni Team here: