Entry and Admission Requirements

Entry and admission requirements in Hungary follow the standards of the Bologna Process. This means that a Bachelor’s degree must be obtained to have access to Master’s and PhD courses. To be eligible for a BA degree you must have your language proficiency certificates, your diploma and other documents required by the programme.

To apply for a Residence Permit for the Purpose of Study you must visit the local Embassy of Hungary in your country to issue the documents you need for entering Hungary as schools may also require some of these documents to accept your application. You will need a copy of your high school diploma to justify the eligibility for higher education studies.

Generally, you’ll need the following documents to be submitted:

  • an up-to-date CV
  • a letter of motivation
  • copy of your passport / ID
  • proof of language proficiency
  • English translation of transcripts of records
  • English translation of obtained diplomas
  • two academic reference letters

To apply for a Bachelor’s degree (3 years) prospective students need to possess a high school diploma translated into Hungarian or English with the corresponding transcript of courses and grades. Some courses may also require an entrance exam besides submitting these documents.

For a Master’s degree (2 years) application applicants have to submit the photocopy of their Bachelor’s diploma and probably have to take an entrance exam.

If someone wishes to obtain a PhD degree (2+2 years), the minimum requirement is to have a university degree which is equivalent to a master’s degree. The prerequisite for entering doctoral courses is an MA/MSc degree or an equivalent to an MA/MSc degree. Within a Doctoral programme, you need to complete 240 credits within 4 years of study. At the end of the fourth semester, a final examination must be taken. After a successful examination, the last 2 years of the doctoral programme are about conducting the research and writing your dissertation, which can be extended with one more year.

Institutions in Hungary rank the applications based on applicants’ previous studies and the grade point average (GPA), also experience in work and research might be required by some institutions.

In order to be admitted to a Hungarian higher education institution, prospective students must demonstrate that they meet certain requirements. Although there is a general system of entrance the entry requirements may differ at certain higher education institutions therefore always check the conditions in each institution before applying.

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