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Your cost of living in Hungary

Do you have problems with figuring out costs during your Hungarian stay? In fact, living expenses in Hungary will be completely different from your home country so you’ll need to calculate with new figures each month. But what does your cost of living contain exactly and how you should calculate your spending on a monthly basis?

Rent or dormitory?

Before moving to Hungary, you will need to decide where you want to live during your studies. You have more options such as student dormitories or renting a flat, so start your research as soon as you can!

First ask your university if it provides housing and accommodation services for international students. According to 2019 statistics, you should count between 9 000 and 35 000 Ft monthly if you choose student dormitories. Another great option is to rent a flat. How much you pay for rent depends on a few things - such as city, location, size, type of housing, living alone or sharing a flat with other international students. If you want to live on your own and you need a private flat in Budapest, it can cost between 90 000 Ft – 200 000 Ft. However, living with other students will lower your expenses and you can find shared flats on great prices, between the average of 50 000 Ft – 130 000 Ft per person.

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Going to restaurant or cook at home?

Are you hesitant whether you should cook or go to a restaurant? Let’s see the figures of food in Hungary! According to, the monthly recommended minimum amount of money for food per person is about 55 000 Ft in Budapest. This number is rather applicable for the capital when you cook for yourself. Prices can differ in other parts of the country.

How much does it cost to eat in a restaurant? On an average, an inexpensive restaurant costs around 1 890 Ft (between 1 200 – 3 000 Ft). As you could see, eating in a restaurant is way more expensive, but occasionally it can be a great programme with your friends to try something new. The most important is to find the way what is best for you (and for your purse)! 

Using public transport

Do you already have your Hungarian student card? Then we have good news for you! As a student, you can have many kinds of discounts such as buying monthly passes on public transport. If you travel within the country by bus (with VOLÁN) or by train (with MÁV), you can buy your tickets and passes a lot cheaper. The price depends on the kilometres you travel. Additionally, on the train it also matters which class you  choose. If you live in Budapest, you’ll need a BKK student pass to use local public transport because the capital has its own public transport system. BKK Student passes cost about 3 450 Ft per month for one person.

Having fun (theatres, cinemas, concerts)

Having fun together with your friends is part of the Study in Hungary experience! But how much does it cost to watch a play at the theatre or go to the cinema? On average, we can say that theatre and concert tickets are between 1500 – 10 000 Ft, it depends on many kinds of factors such as the type of concert you choose, or where you intend to have a seat during the play. Cinema tickets are the same because student tickets usually start from 1 500 Ft for a 2D movie. (3D, 4D, IMAX or ScreenX are more expensive!)

Also, as a leisure time activity you can try the local sports centres where you can buy a monthly pass (av. 10 000 Ft normal pass without student discount). Additionally, some universities have their own sports centres or gyms with numerous possibilities such as aerobic, Pilates, yoga, cardio-room, football, handball, or basketball courts. Ask your university for more information and prices!

Finance and living costs are not easy to pre-calculate, especially if you are moving to another country, but we hope that our article will help you in your calculations. If you want to learn more about living in Hungary as an international student, read more about it in our living in Hungary section at!

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