October 19, 2020 15:09
Why study in Hungary? High quality education for a fair price

Hungary provides high-quality education for international students in the heart of Europe. But what makes Hungarian higher education so outstanding and why is it worth choosing a Hungarian university? Read our article about Hungarian universities among world rankings, research opportunities and what our Alumni Volunteers’ experienced during their studies here in Hungary.

Hungarian universities on world rankings

College and university rankings compare higher education institutions around the world using various indicators and methodologies. As universities are ranked according to numerous factors, they need to meet high standards to get on the lists. According to 2018 statistics, only one thousand universities around the world are included in any kind of rankings which means it is an honour and great prestige to be part of the lists.

From year to year, Hungarian universities are enlisted on world rankings as the Shanghai Ranking, Times Higher Education ranking, and the QS Ranking. In 2020, seven Hungarian universities were listed on the QS ranking, among which the University of Szeged has earned the best place. Also, Times Higher Education 2020 includes eight Hungarian universities, the best results were achieved by Semmelweis University and it also includes Szent István University for the first time. Now, let’s see what our Alumni Volunteers think about Hungarian higher education:

Abu Imran Baba : Hungary is a country with numerous reputed universities. Its higher education institutions are ranked internationally, and this makes it a versatile place for education and research.

Mohammed Abduelhamed Abboh Adam: It is worth choosing Hungarian universities because of their international reputation and excellent position on world rankings.

Talent management and research opportunities in Hungary

Since talent support and management has a special role at Hungarian universities, several opportunities are available for international students to develop their skills and expand their community network. Such opportunities are provided by university research groups, Colleges for Advanced Studies or Student Research Societies (TDK) where you can focus on your academic advancement.

In Hungary, you can have the opportunity to participate in different university projects as you can find numerous well equipped research laboratories and research networks with knowledgeable professors. Discover your own university’s opportunities by asking your professors or coordinators and choose from numerous research areas!

Another great opportunity is provided by Colleges for Advanced Studies, which are unique educational organisations in Hungary dedicated to supporting talented students in their university studies. The colleges are based on high quality, self-governed education and research activities being committed to professional work and society. Their members are self-motivated, talented students who wish to expand their knowledge in their specific study field by working in close cooperation with the college community. By today, there are more than 90 colleges for advanced studies operating in Hungary. Colleges for Advanced Studies are usually established within university faculties, but some are open for any university students even of other higher education institutions as well.

Today, most Hungarian universities provide opportunities for their talented and ambitious students to join Student Research Societies besides their university studies. Through these research societies, students can deepen their knowledge in a specific field and perform scientific work. During their research, students can carry out their scientific work individually or even collectively, but always in close cooperation with a university teacher. Each year the universities organize a conference, where these scientific works are presented, and the bests are put forward to the National Scientific Students' Associations Conference. So, what are the opinions of our Alumni Volunteers concerning their Hungarian host institutions and research opportunities? Read more about it here:

Mohammed Abduelhamed Abboh Adam: What I liked the most about my Hungarian university is the advanced educational tools, scientific trips and the openness of the university community to foreign students. The host institution supported the student’s academic career and helped to develop their scientific capabilities.

Botar Mariko: You should go and prepare to study in Hungary right now. The experience will definitely change your life positively.

Benjamin Kojo Woode: It is the true representation of value for money with many uncounted benefits. You will never regret your choice!

Hungary provides high-quality education for international students arriving from any part of the world. Hungary has been listed on numerous prestigious ranking lists while universities provide support in the fields of talent management as well as in the fields of research opportunities. Also, if you are not a member of the Alumni Network Hungary community but intend to ask your personal questions from our Alumni Volunteers, register now on the Alumni Network Hungary website so you can contact them!

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