December 12, 2019 13:38
The University of Pécs takes action against PET bottles

The University of Pécs is the first among Hungarian higher education institutions to stop purchasing plastic PET bottled water and drinks. Seventy free water filling stations will be installed instead.

From October 1st, the University of Pécs will purchase water and other soft drinks in reusable bottles instead of those bottled in PET ones. This decision is part of the "Green University" programme, which the University of Pécs has joined four years ago, and its main aim is to promote an environmentally conscious approach, to maintain an open mind and responsiveness to innovations and new solutions in order to reduce human carbon footprint in our environment.

The idea "PET Bottle Free Institution" came from the chancellor, project leader of the “Green University” programme, Zoltán Jenei, who emphasized: "In Hungary alone, 1.4 to 1.5 billion PET bottles are sold each year, which is not good news in terms of environmental pollution, as well as the fact that only a fraction, a mere 7-8% of the bottles are recycled and the rest represent a big burden to our environment. By eliminating the purchase and supply of disposable plastic PET bottled water and soft drinks, we are promoting environmental awareness at the institutional level. In numerous public areas of the University, 70 water fountains will be soon installed, that will function as "water islands": students and employees will have access to them. This will enable them to comfortably fill their bottles with cold or hot water, carbonated or still water, all for free, while decreasing the negative impact on the environment. As far as I know, the University of Pécs is the first university in Hungary to stop the use of disposable plastic bottles,” highlighted Zoltán Jenei.

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