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The innovation and medical hub of eastern Hungary – the University of Debrecen

While you’re sitting in the park among the historic and truly fascinating buildings, look inside and many famous scholars are preparing research tools for the new day’s course. You can feel a both comfortable and bustling atmosphere.

Debrecen is one of the most buzzing and at the same time coziest nooks in Eastern Hungary: It has a unique balance of centuries old traditions and the most recent technical and scientific innovations that make Debrecen a nationally and internationally renowned city. Here, visitors can find different programs from several excellent art exhibitions, folk programs as well as many sports and leisure events. Debrecen is also a place for conferences and scientific meetings, which serves the active and organic cooperation of the city’s economic, scientific, educational and cultural life.

After buying a coffee in the Main Building of the University of Debrecen, which is a widely praised piece of architecture, you can walk along the Great Forest to discover the 7 faculties laying in the largest educational center in Hungary.

The university history goes back to 1538, the founding of the Reformed College, which is the predecessor of the University of Debrecen. Centuries later, in 1912, the Hungarian Parliament decided to establish two universities, one in Pozsony [Bratislava] and the other in Debrecen. Thus, the Hungarian Royal University of Debrecen was established with five faculties, and the city of Debrecen granted a huge (112 acre) land in the Great Forest to the university. Today the University of Debrecen is a leading institution of higher education in Hungary.

The National Library of the University of Debrecen (DEENK), which also functions as the second largest national library of the country, possesses about 5.5 million documents. Besides its traditional library functions, the library, which has been operating since 1918, is also an active participant in the scholarly and cultural life of the university.

Among the most popular universities outside the capital, the number of international students at the University of Debrecen is over 5,500 and it increases year by year. Besides Hungarian programs, students from outside Hungary can study in 80+ English-language programs and the Debrecen Summer School offers programs and courses in Hungarian culture and Hungarian as a foreign language. The ever-changing social and economic environment demands continuous growth from the institution and there is a constant need to adapt to new requirements.  The university is a major research center in Europe and it maintains a leading position in medical and information technology education.

Besides studying, the university strives to provide all opportunities for students to relax and enjoy themselves while participating in high-quality events and programs. Numerous old and new student clubs and a wide variety of programs await students of the university, such as Campus Festival, YoUDay and Researchers’ Night.

The exquisite atmosphere of the Botanical Garden offers a pleasant form of relaxation to visitors who can enjoy nature under the trees of the Great Forest (Nagyerdő) while taking delight in the spectacular and unique plants of the garden. The Lovarda Cultural and Conference Center and Víztoronykert [Water tower garden] provide a venue for concerts, exhibitions, shows, team-building programs, weddings or corporate anniversary celebrations. HALL, the country’s largest student club, quickly became the favorite hotspot of students after its opening in 2015. Besides parties, it has hosted many other events including the national talent management roadshow.

Now you got a short overview about the university in the Great Forest, its innovations, student life and organizations. At the University of Debrecen, you will find a place where you can easily balance your studies and leisure activities for the ultimate college experince!

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