November 30, 2020 10:54
Sustainability in Budapest – A digital exhibition by Erasmus students

Sustainability is key in our modern world and it is more and more important to raise awareness to the eco-conscious way of living. To bring this idea closer, three German Erasmus students Jan, Louisa and Carlotta at the Óbuda University created the Facebook site Sustainability in Budapest, which is a virtual exhibition that shows eco-friendly solutions in the city of Budapest. Let’s see some of their findings!

One of the great sustainable innovations the students discovered in Budapest are the solar benches (e.g. the ones at Liszt Ferenc square) where you can charge your mobile with the solar generated energy. These wood benches are not only comfortable but they also have a unique design that create a nice environment for public places. The solar benches also have Wifi hotspots, so you can easily connect online in the middle of the city without any additional costs.

Fashion industry has a devastating impact on the environment. There are now plenty of alternatives to fast fashion from more conscious consumption habits to second-hand clothing. The students list multiple cool vintage stores in Budapest where you can find high-quality and incredibly stylish pieces that are in good condition and a lot more unique than the usual offers of the fast fashion stores. If you love to create your own style and you also care for the environment, it is worth checking out the second-hand stores of the capital of Hungary. It is almost like treasure-hunting, and also a good way to discover cool spots in the city.

Unnecessary plastic usage like the use of plastic bags all have a harmful impact on the environment. However, there are now many alternatives that you can use when you are doing your daily shopping. The students suggest that a very good way to avoid buying new bags is good planning: just grab your own reusable bag, take a basket with you or quickly strap your backpack on your shoulders to store your shopping. You can also create your own recycled bag, which is not only fun but also probably the most eco-conscious option when it comes to shopping. If you are not that keen on sewing, check out shops that make sure that their bags are made of recyclable materials and that the quality of the bags is guaranteed by various certificates.

Budapest offers a wide selection of eco-friendly transport vehicles based on sharing-economy. From public bicycle sharing system such as MOL Bubi to shared electric cars and motorcycles you have plenty of options to discover the city without carbon emission. There are more and more bike roads, and most places can be easily reached within a short distance. E-Scooters have became also very popular in the past few years and are used a lot in the city centre of Budapest. They are not only a convenient way of transportation for short distances, but also an ecological one.

There are more interesting eco-friendly solutions the students share in their online exhibition, so take a virtual tour and check out the other projects too! The online event lasted till 15 November, but you can still visit the project's official Facebook website HERE.


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