June 29, 2020 15:22
Masters of Design – Hungarian Red Dot Winners

Design is not just a concept or a product, it is a solution that makes our lives easier and more sustainable.   Each year the best designers are acknowledged with the Red Dot Design Award, the most prestigious international prize in design. Hungarian universities have trained many designers who have won this honour in recent years either with a product, a prototype or a graphic design.  We have selected a few of them to show you.

Each year there are more than 18,000 entries from design professionals, companies and organisations from over 70 countries at the Red Dot Award. The winners are selected by expert juries in the areas of product design, communication design, and design concepts. Let’s see some of the winning concepts by Hungarian designers.

Do you like sledding?  Now you can slide down in the snow with a sled that is a lot more durable against the recurring forces. Ádám Miklósi, who is a former student of University of Sopron won the “Best of the Best” acknowledgement in Red Dot’s design concept category in 2019 with his Slē sledge project. Slē was inspired by the bent plywood structures to highlight the function while keeping a dynamic form. The sledge which is suitable for both kids and adults is specially designed for the snowy slopes, providing convenient sitting.

In 2019 as well Ádám Nagy, a former student of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) won the Red Dot with his design concept for Birosign. Birosign is a biometric pen that offers signatory validation service for electronic signatures. An electronic signature can increase the security of online transactions but the authentication of users and storage of personal data are still challenging tasks.  Birosign allows real-time validation of the signature as if there was a handwriting expert present during the signing process.

Budapest is one of the nicest cities, but only a few travel guides can show their real heart and soul. Botond Vörös, who has an MA degree in Graphic Design from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts designed Budapest Giftbook, which is a flipbook that displays all that one can love about the Hungarian capital. He won the Red Dot award in 2019 in the category of design communication with this graphic design concept. This black and white minimalist travel guide contains a series of illustrations about Budapest, that gives the illusion of movement by simulating motion when the pages are turned rapidly. 

Every year thousands of people die from infections caused by inadequate hand disinfection of healthcare workers. Hand in Scan which is a multi-award-winning Hungarian medical device is able to distinguish disinfected hand surfaces from the infected ones by using harmless UV light and digital imaging with artificial intelligence-based software. The product was designed by András Húnfalvi and Ferenc Laufer and earned the Red Dot in product design in 2015. The two designers were classmates at MOME and have been working together since the university years.

Designers help us to see better alternatives for the world we live in. Education is key in becoming a professional in this field, and Hungarian universities are all in the frontline in training internationally acclaimed designers and artists. If you are interested in how is to study creative courses such as art or design you can contact our volunteer Zahra Fulandvand  who is a student at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts.

If you want to get some inspiration, browse among the Red Dot prize-winners here: https://www.red-dot.org/search/

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