February 07, 2022 15:23
Interview with Ghaith Burhani, a PhD student from BME
​Ghaith Burhani, PhD student, before coming to Budapest University of Technology and Economics, graduated in the area of aeronautical and also fluid mechanics engineering at Syrian universities. Now he is a PhD student at BME Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Hydrodynamic Systems.

Where and when did you graduate before studying at the BME Faculty of Mechanical Engineering?

Essentially, before I came to Hungary, I have gained a BSc degree from Aleppo University in 2006 in Aeronautical Engineering and an MSc degree from Damascus University in 2016 in fluid mechanics engineering. Both Damascus and Aleppo Universities are among the best in Syria. Hence, I was lucky enough to accomplish these two phases at universities with an excellent reputation and unique and exceptional educational system.

Why did you choose to come to Budapest?

Frankly, I have heard many fabulous things about the Budapest lifestyle, the kindness and dignity of the people, and the fantastic masterpieces of the natural views that exist in Budapest as hills, lakes, and green areas. Together, alongside the spectacular educational system of BME university, all these things encouraged me to decide and to consider the option of travelling and living in Budapest.

Do you like living in Budapest?

Definitely, I like it. No doubt, Budapest is a fascinating and attractive city. It has many attractive locations, like the Citadella, or the Fisherman's Bastion, and I cannot forget the magical trace of the Danube River that split the city into two parts, which makes the view more and more lovely, especially during the night. Luckily, I have the chance to visit many beautiful places before the outbreak of Covid-19. Hopefully, I will hang out around the city again once the pandemic gets over.

If you want to read more about the experiences of Ghaith Burhani, please visit the official blog site of the BME Faculty of Mechanical Engineering here! Please, visit the website of the International Mentor Team of the University to get more information for your stay here in Hungary.  

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