December 07, 2018 16:32
Alumni member experiences in Hungary II.

"I reckon two years of my postgrad as a best part of my educational career where I got a chance to work with a best professor and researcher of my research interest. We are still in contact and working together on projects. Ergo, I believe Hungary is one of the best options to pursue your professional qualification. "

"For me Alumni Network Hungary is an ample opportunity to be in contact with my parent institute and country where I spent two precious years. Joining Alumni Network will not only bestow you a chance to contact the alumni researchers from similar background but will provide you an opportunity to represent your country even after the completion of your educational period. " 

Atiullah Saif 
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Transportation Engineering, MSc

"Actually study in Europe so long time was my dream. After my high school I waited to study 2 years, because of my major and my dream. I just really wanted to major in special needs education. When I hearing about Stipendium Hungaricum Program, at the time I just wanted to apply, because It was like God’s big present for me. This program gave me way to go my dream in Hungary, and to major with children. 

I’m so glad and blessed to get this wonderful opportunity to complete my bachelor studies at one of the top best medical university in the world, Semmelweis University. 
For me being a member of alumni is also being a member of amazing family. Alumni is full of creative, open-minded and helpful people. As an alumni member I can connect with other smart students and they always nicely sharing their experiences with each other. 
There are many types of people and their dreams, for that I’ll strongly recommend you, to be part of this Alumni Network Hungary to find your dream way. Let’s study with high quality education in Hungary."

Gerel Ganbold
Semmelweis University
Special needs education/Conductor, BSc

"I dare say study in Hungary is not just a good achievement in education or degree but in all aspects of everyday life styles, the quality of my course in Miskolc university lead to me pass through the gate and to hold my skill to everywhere, one of my attainment is Bronze medal and honoured degree as well. I would say Hungary gave me lots of chances during my study to enhance my career especially in charity and help disordered children and making volunteering program in a success and proper way, then I would share a good experience to make a huge number of international friends to being an international family which have lots of fun and joy in everyday life and also being familiar with Hungarian culture which I say it is like an open and fruitful gate to get enormous information even in international culture. If I would turn again definitely I will choose Hungary because I know there will be an excellency waiting for me to go through excellent route."

Sarkhel Hawre
University of Miskolc
Hydrogeological engineering, MSc

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