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Tradition and innovation – The University of Pannonia

High-quality education and outstanding research opportunities in a town full of history and culture. At the University of Pannonia, you can gain a competitive EU degree in a friendly, multicultural student milieu. If you want to study in a professional academic environment, the University of Pannonia will be a good choice for you.

Veszprém, the City of Queens

Veszprém, the chief town of Veszprém County, is one of the most charming cities of Hungary with its unique natural treasures and cultural values. Surrounded by the hills of Bakony and the Balaton Uplands, the town lies in a picturesque land that is worth visiting during the whole year.

Being one of the oldest urban areas of the region, Veszprém preserves the historic characteristics of the ages up until today. The history of the town goes back to the 9th century and it was among the favourite estates of our first king I. Stephen and his wife, Giselle. As the queens of Hungary were crowned for centuries by the bishop of the town, Veszprém is often called as the City of Queens.

By today, Veszprém is among the most attractive touristic destinations of the region. The Castle District with its beautiful parochial and historic buildings, the lively pedestrian street with its cafés and restaurants or the famous Veszprém Zoo is really worth a visit. The town also gives home to several festivals, such as the Veszprém Fest or Street Music Festival, that provide a unique musical experience for every generation. Thanks to its rich cultural and historic heritage, Veszprém will hold the title of European Capitals of Culture in 2023.

The University of Pannonia

The University of Pannonia is the leading higher education institution of the Central-Transdanubian region, with its seat located in Veszprém. The university was established in 1949 as the regional faculty of the Technical University of Budapest, and it soon became independent under the name of Veszprém University of Chemical Engineering, providing internationally recognized chemical engineering education in Hungary. After the university went through numerous stages of expansion, it has reached its current line-up with 5 faculties operating on 5 separate campuses.

With its long-lasting traditions and experience in education, the university offers a wide scale of programmes and cutting-edge research activities for more than 5000 students. Its programmes cover almost all education fields from engineering, media studies to economics and various social sciences, with nearly 60 majors at all degree levels. The University also provides several research opportunities in their innovative research centres, covering all areas across their main disciplines. To ensure a high standard of education and professional knowledge, the university works in close cooperation with the industrial partners of the region and offers several dual study programmes and internship opportunities for its students.

International life at the University of Pannonia

Thanks to its high-quality education and student-friendly environment, the university is getting more and more popular among international students as well. It provides more than 25 degree programs in English at Bachelor’s, Masters and PhD level for nearly 400 international students from about 65 countries all over the world.

The University of Pannonia offers a wide variety of programs for its Hungarian and international students to make their university years the most memorable ones. One of the most popular events of the university is the Veszprém University Days (VEN), which is the official music festival of the university. Besides, for all culture lovers, the University’s Cultural Centre regularly organises various music events, exhibitions and plays. The university provides a number of sports events as well, such as the Balaton Regatta rowing competition or the University Sports Days. From athletics to different martial arts, there are nearly 60 types of sports facilities to choose from.

The University of Pannonia provides high-standard education and outstanding research opportunities in a friendly, international environment. If you wish to gain unforgettable experience during your academic years, the University of Pannonia will be a perfect choice for you.

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