March 29, 2021 13:59
The Professor of Széchenyi University is the new President of EU-MATHS-IN

The European Service Network of Mathematics for Industry and Innovation (EU-MATHS-IN) is one of the continent's largest technology platforms that aims to facilitate the use of industrial mathematics in innovation. Dr Zoltán Horváth, Professor of the Department of Mathematics and Computational Sciences at Széchenyi István University, Győr has been recently elected as the president of this prestigious organisation.

EU-MATHS-IN aims to connect mathematical expertise with innovation and industry by enhanced communication and information exchange between stakeholders on a European level. The organization consists of 17 European national mathematical networks including the Hungarian network, HU-MATHS-IN. Industrial mathematics is key for innovation, and in the upcoming years technological platforms, such as EU-MATHS-IN will play an important role in European research.

"As a continuation of Horizon 2020, this year the EU’s research and innovation framework programme, named Horizon Europe, will be launched with €100 billion of funding. Research topics for the call for proposals are determined by the opinions of the largest technology platforms, including EU-MATHS-IN. To this end, we have teamed up with seven other platforms, including supercomputers (ETP4HPC), artificial intelligence (AIOTI), 5G (5GIA) or Big Data research organisations (BDVA), to make our proposals together," explained the professor.

Photocredit: Májer Csaba József / Széchenyi István Egyetem

Dr Zoltán Horváth is the head of the Department of Mathematics and Computational Sciences and founder and leader of the Simulation and Optimization Research Group at the Széchenyi István University in Győr. He published a book and over 60 scientific papers on industrial mathematics, and led several projects in the automotive industry, transportation, environmental and health sectors. In He is the president of the Hungarian Service Network of Mathematics for Industry and Innovation, HU-MATHS-IN, and also a member of the European Mathematical Society's Applied Mathematics Committee.

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