September 05, 2018 12:26
The first ever PhD graduate of Stipendium programme

National University of Public Service (NUPS) has the first ever PhD graduate among all participating Hungarian universities from the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programme since its launch at the university in 2014.

Paiman Ramazan Ahmad from Iraq Kurdistan Region graduated in Public Administration. Ms. Ahmad completed her preliminary defense in November 2017, and her final defense on 7 June 2018. Her topic of thesis was "Good Governance in the “Oil Sectorand its Effect on Economic Development: a Case Study of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq”. Her supervisor is Prof Dr. Mária Bordás, professor of the Faculty of Science of Public Governance and Administraion of NUPS, who is very proud of Ms. Ramazan:

“Ms. Ahmad Ramazan, from the beginning was very diligent and active. She multiplied her strength during the dissertation's construction, the helpful criticism of my part. She took advantage of every minute of her time spent here for researching and studying. Moreover, she also sacrificed her holiday to continue studying at various summer European universities. Thanks to her enormous efforts, she developed rapidly, and she was able smoothly to cope with the requirements of the doctoral school. She came from a very different country to Europe to learn. She was dedicated to achieve her goals. From the beginning she had very clear idea of her study subject. She realized that the problematic of good governance and economic progress of Kurdistan are very close related. Now, she has knowledge very adaptable for her country. She has ambition to get a high level governmental position. Furthermore, she also has an ambition to take part in political life of Iraq Kurdistan Region. I am absolutely sure that it does not matter which line of activity she will follow because of her very strong and complete knowledge package and skills, her success is guaranteed.”

The National University of Public Service is participating in the program since 2014. The number of scholarship students is growing year by year, currently there are 35 full-time students studying on 6 programmes, 3 of which are PhD programs. Next year around 20-25 new students are expected.

We asked Ms Ahmad to write a few words about her experience with Hungary, NUPS and the program overall:

“My first impressions were different, Hungary was a new country, a new environment, however, I have been to most of the European Countries before, yet my experiences in Hungary are different, a country which is full of beauty and diversity. I have enjoyed been to Budapest, leaving Budapest will be a difficult journey, much harder than studying here. I have had different opportunities for studying in other countries, yet I have chosen to study in Hungary, the field of study in National University of Public Service was of my interest and it will be helpful for my future career and life, and I would say I acquired special knowledge in studying here.

Studying in National University of Public Service and in the Doctoral School of Public Administration was a journey full of ups and downs, yet I am thankful that the staff of university, both teaching and administration have worked very hard to support my education, they helped in solving problems, and they assured their kind support at every step I have taken.  Besides NUPS support, it is worth mentioning the support of Tempus Public Foundation and their staff whom have been there during difficulties and they offered their possible support. The Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship was very supportive regardless of the shortcomings as I was among the first round students of (2014-2018). I am very happy and proud to be the first PhD graduate in the spring semester of 2018, from the first round of 2014-2018 among all foreign students at PhD level from all participating countries. This success is the story of the National University of Public Service and the Doctoral School of Public Administration, besides the continuous support of Tempus Public Foundation, I come to record the first PhD among all participating countries. I worked very hard during my studies, and I was only dedicated to PhD studies, I did not work at all, I put days and nights on each other to get there. Hereby I would love to thank the National University of Public Service and Tempus Public Foundation for their kind support during my PhD studies in Hungary. I wish success for other students and my friends and hope more students come to NUPS in the future. 

At the end I would like to say if you want a peaceful country, try Hungary and the National University of Public Service. Your story might be different than others, thus we should take the positive things into account, and I want to remember the happy moments and beautiful memories in this lovely country.”

Source: Julianna Szigeti, National University of Public Service

Photo credit: TPF

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