January 18, 2021 14:41
Stipendium Hungaricum - Selection Procedure

The deadline for finalising and submitting your application to the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programme was 16 January, 2021. Now, that you submitted your application, you may have the question what happens after the deadline in the upcoming months. Here you can read more about the most important milestones.

1. First Round of Selection (January - February 2021)

Technical check and the nomination of the Sending Partner

Tempus Public Foundation checks all your submitted applications according to basic criteria and formality (e.g.: whether all the necessary documents are uploaded or not). After the technical check, if your application meets the formal requirements, it will be forwarded to your Sending Partner. After that, your Sending Partner pre-selects the submitted applications, they send back a nomination and a reserve list to Tempus Public Foundation until the end of February.

2. Second Round of Selection (March - May 2021)

The institutional evaluation

If you become a nominated applicant, you will be forwarded to your Host Institution for the admission process around the middle of March. Your Host Institution selects the applicants who meet the minimum entry requirements and inform you about the details (date and method) of the institutional entrance examination. Finally, the Host Institutions forwards your results about the admission process to Tempus Public Foundation at the end of May.

3. Allocation of Admitted Applicants (May-June 2021)

Tempus Public Foundation allocates the admitted applicants based on the application preferences, the entrance exam results, the capacities of the Host Institutions, and the educational cooperation agreements. The Board of Trustees of Tempus Public Foundation makes a decision about your application and from the end of June, you are informed about the final results by Tempus Public Foundation.

4. Acceptance of the scholarship (until 1st August 2021)

Don’t forget that in order to gain a Scholarship Holder status, you must accept your scholarship in the online application system. Depending on your status (approved or conditionally approved) the deadlines and processes may vary, but you must do it no later than 1st August. If you had some missing documents, you should also upload them in the application system.

If you need more information about the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programme or about the Selection Procedure, please visit the official website of the scholarship and read the detailed descriptions in the Call for Applications: https://stipendiumhungaricum.hu/apply/

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