August 16, 2021 15:35
Start a new chapter in your life: become our alumni volunteer!

Connections, networks, personal relationships are the keywords of our society today, but people often underestimate the value of personal connections and become passive. Yet if they make just a little effort it can have a big impact on their lives. Our volunteers built their alumni chapters and discover great members of Alumni Network Hungary. Join us for the next two years and find your alumni chapter or create a new one!

During the last year of studies or as a fresh graduate you can start a new chapter in your life by standing in front of new situations and decisions. This time is sensitive, and it is highly beneficial to have a good community or mentors who can advise in your future steps.

The first step is to join the alumni network of your alma mater or the national Alumni Network Hungary. Inside the international network, there are many alumni chapters, which help maintain a vital connection between graduates, undergraduate members, and the university. It’s how those lifelong relationships are nurtured will determine where new opportunities shall come from.

Now you have the chance to become our alumni volunteer. The International Alumni Volunteer programme 2021-2023 will support you in two ways upon acquiring your Alumni Network Hungary membership: romotion and communication and Facilitating the alumni activities in different alumni chapters. Let’s have a closer look on what the Facilitating alumni chapters mean in detail.

As an Alumni Network Hungary member, you can arrange a local alumni network to keep in touch with us and your friends, but it’s worth knowing that this is just one aspect - becoming a member of a glocal network being another. A glocal network expands your own and local groups into an international community, where you can ‘show’ your local results or seek support or advice to manage yours at home. This is essential to strengthen your community-building skills that will not only help you in making your group larger but also widens your focus and own commitment to our alumni network.

If you are our alumni volunteer you have the opportunity to build a local (e.g.: Pakistani chapter) or professional alumni chapters (e.g. linguistics or agricultural engineers chapter) However, if you are not such a huge pioneer you can also become a facilitator in the group and help with moderating group communications and sharing your ideas. If you’ve been a mentor before you can master these skills to mentor new alumni members and help their carrier with your advice.

Our network has an enthusiastic volunteer group, who devoted their time and energy to building Alumni Network Hungary. Besides their work, we had some workshops even during the pandemic for discussing the network’s future and services. We provided online tutorials to support their volunteering and had individual consultations about their plans and mentoring them.

Our volunteer programme is a long-term project (of 2 years at least) after which we give you a certificate or reference for your future work as a recommendation. Join us and become our international alumni volunteer for the next two years, and make your chapter or join to an already established one.

"You get access to the people from a different background who are specialists in their field. You can always have a connection to your Alma matter. You can explore more opportunities because of networking." (Ayaz Mukarram Shaikh, doctoral researcher at University of Debrecen)

The application form for the International Alumni Volunteer program is now open by the end of August 2021 and if you wish to support the Alumni Network Hungary through volunteering, we'd be delighted to hear from you.

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