April 03, 2023 10:29
Spring semester welcome day – a joyful afternoon in the Ligneum visitor center

It was a joyful afternoon, where our students had the opportunity to get to know each other and listen to several interesting presentations. Below you can read some students’ reports and access the complete album of pictures taken during the event.

"It was an event, firstly to meet new people and learn about their traditions. There were presentations about Ghana, India, Estonia, and Germany, and a surprise song at the end as well. All the people who came here to the University of Sopron with Erasmus, CEEPUS, and Hungarian students gathered in the LIGNEUM building. I have met a lot of new friends, and that's why I am glad I was there."

Gábor Cseh - CEEPUS exchange student

"Welcoming new students is a great way to promote integration and help them get to know one another, and that's how we started our spring semester at the University of Sopron. The welcome day event began with a warm greeting from Mrs. Márta Sándor, who welcomed everyone with open arms. As we settled in, we were honored by the presence of Professor Dr. Ferenc Lakatos, Vice-Rector for Research and International Relations, who provided a captivating introduction to the University of Sopron.

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