May 31, 2021 10:28
Savannah-Rose McAuley: I wouldn’t be the same person if I had stayed at home

Nowadays, several students choose to continue their studies in a foreign country, it is not a surprising fact. The international courses at the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest have been chosen by students from 62 countries, who received world-class education and made unforgettable memories, lifelong friendships. But how can this choice help your personal development? What challenges and difficulties do you face as an international student? 

Savannah-Rose’s positive attitude and flexibility is remarkable. She is the child of two different cultures, and now she replaced the peaceful country life with the busy city life, at least for a few years until she gets her degree at the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest.

Let’s talk about your roots. As far as I know, you are from Ireland.

Yes, I was born and raised in Ireland. I am half Irish, half Sri Lankan. I am proud to be brought up by parents of two different cultures. I have an older brother and sister; they were born in Zimbabwe and lived there for seventeen years before moving to Ireland. I live about half an hour from Dublin, in a small village called Mornington. I prefer the country life; I spend most of my time with my dogs and horses when I am at home.

My father has his own company, he is a chartered accountant and my mom is a manager, she is doing sales for Chanel, so they have completely opposite careers compared to what I am going for!

So then why veterinary medicine? And why Budapest?

I always wanted to learn veterinary medicine, ever since I can remember. I don’t ever remember wanting to do any other career. I was brought up to be kind towards animals, I love them, and they’re a huge part of my life.

Hungary and the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest is very popular in Ireland, it has a high name. It turned out that some of my friends and vets from the stables came here to study so this is the reason I actually applied. Budapest is very safe, I love it although it did take a while to adapt to city life, the noise etc. In Ireland I live about 5 minutes’ walk from the beach, I miss that but I have other options here, like Margaret Island. Sometimes it feels good to be away from the busy city life.

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