July 05, 2024 13:43
Practice your Hungarian with us!

What to do if you need to go to a doctor in Hungary, or have to attend a meeting at your university or workplace?  Living in another country is not easy especially if you do not speak the language and you come from a different culture. Join our free online Hungarian language course and start practicing now! 

Whether you are already living in Hungary, or just about to arrive to start university from the new term, speaking and understanding the language of the country is essential for navigating daily life.

The online course will help you to get familiar with the Hungarian language and culture, by learning through various everyday situations, ranging from university life to the workplace, visiting the doctor’s office, booking a taxi, dining at a restaurant, and many more scenarios.

You will practice Hungarian through reading, listening, writing and grammar exercises, and also learn the basic communication and socio-cultural norms relevant to seeking employment and adapting to life in Hungary. Each module uses various tools and teaching methods, ranging from videos, quizzes, flashcards, and interactive exercises. The level of the course is A1 in CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

This online course is perfect to complement your Hungarian language class at your university and to practice whenever you feel like. The course allows you to practice at your own pace, as it has no teacher or facilitator, you can use it independently for self-practice anytime.

So hesitate no more, join the course, and start practicing Hungarian for completely FREE!

For more information and registration CLICK HERE!

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