December 17, 2021 14:09
Pioneering super-resolution research at the University of Pécs

The word “super-resolution” brings crystal clear, high-resolution TV wonders to mind for most of us; however, in microscopy, the term has a different meaning. It means a technology that circumvents the problem caused by the wavelength of light, making the observation of cell- or even molecular level life processes possible.

The Nano-Bio-Imagine Centre of the Pécs Medical School’s Physiology Department does not look particularly exciting at first glance – however, the locking doors are a sign that this is not just any place. The dimly lit room houses odd devices, flanked by workstations equipped with large screens showing images that almost look like colourful, abstract paintings.

The devices in this room are highly sensitive, any dust or change in temperature can cause their settings to change, which can make taking measurements impossible. However, in order to understand what these devices are and why they can cost hundreds of millions of forints, the University of Pécs published a report that details their activities and successes in detail.

To find out what research is underway at the Department, read the full report here!

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