July 16, 2020 13:01
More than a community: a platform for professional development

Becoming a member at the Alumni Network Hungary means more than just joining a community: it also grants you with the opportunity to develop your professional skills and enhance your networking capacities.

You have already read about the diversity of this community before: they establish a career in a wide variety of sectors from natural sciences, engineering, IT, education, research, banking, trade or medicine. Interactions with professionals in such a wide variety of careers mean members will have an exceptional advantage upon seeking jobs or developing your network. Either they seek guidance or support from fellow alumni of Hungary in how to succeed in a new country or city or in your professional field, the Alumni Network Hungary is an essential starting ground for finding new relations and opportunities.

Another great way to improve your networking capacities is to check regularly the alumni portraits where more and more successful professionals introduce themselves and their career. These portraits represent a more in-depth summary of one of the most internationally renowned former students studied in Hungary. Their career paths and experience can give you lot of inspiration for your own career development – even before graduation.

They also have their online coaching series, an exclusive alumni service for the registered members that will enhance your skills and abilities during your future career. These videos will introduce you to the fundamentals of international job seeking and will help you to prepare for the world of work with useful tips such as the effective interview techniques.

The video series has three modules that explain the three phases of international job-seeking. First, you will have a better understanding of how to make the most of your studies abroad, so that you have the necessary know-how even before your graduation. The second module focuses on the period after your graduation and describes the skills and competencies most companies look for when browsing for recently graduated job seekers. Finally, the third module zooms out even more and explains the most important elements of achieving success in the international job market.

Detailed documentation, summaries and tips are available for all three modules so register now and make sure you don’t miss out on any of them.

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