June 26, 2023 14:30
MOME and John von Neumann University Introduce SUPERMOTO in Abu Dhabi

The collaboration between MOME and John von Neumann University has reached a milestone by representing SUPERMOTO, an e-motorcycle developed by the two universities' students and teachers, in an international e-vehicle summit.

The collaboration between the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) and John von Neumann University has led to the successful debut of their creation SUPERMOTO, at the Electric Vehicle Innovation Summit 2023 in Abu Dhabi. The grand-scale exhibition and professional forum provide e-vehicle developers to share their developments and solutions in electronic vehicle design.

According to the chief instructor of the MOME Mobility Design Lab, Dániel Ruppert, their debut goal was to receive genuine market feedback for the next phase of development.

Presenting SUPERMOTO in Abu Dhabi was a successful step in the joint journey of the two Hungarian universities. This interdisciplinary project allows students to coordinate technical and product design work and gain practical experience.

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Photo: @MOME

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