July 14, 2021 10:01
Expand your network with the volunteers of the Alumni Network Hungary

As a fresh graduate, it is important to expand your professional network. According to recent studies, volunteering is a key factor for successful networking. The Alumni Network Hungary is a continuously growing community, where you can develop your skills and make new friends.

Volunteering is a great way to develop your skills and to get experience useful for the job market. Among nowadays’ tips and tasks are to find a good volunteer project that will help you develop a particular skill or experience that is essential for your dream job. Be a member of the Alumni Network Hungary and get the benefits of volunteering.

The Alumni Network Hungary is a network for current or former international students in Hungary that facilitates networking between members. Within the community, there is a small group of volunteers (members are either in Hungary or at their home/residence country) that help to build an international alumni network. The members volunteer in various fields: they facilitate alumni communities or build up new ones, they promote Hungarian higher education based on their experience, or they mentor fresh graduates.

Volunteering for an organization related to your professional field is a good way to make new contacts who can potentially help you with your job search. The more people you know, the better chance you have of getting hired.  In addition, it is a great way to give back to your local community, expand your network, and have fun. Our volunteer program is a long-term project which lasts at least 2 years. After the active membership, you will get a certificate or reference for your future work.  There are two main projects within the volunteer program: the promotion and communication of Hungarian higher education and the Alumni Network Hungary which includes writing blogs, making a vlog, conducting interviews with senior alumni, or helping to organize events and study fairs. The other project is to facilitate alumni activities  by developing and moderating self-organizing meetings, and by cooperating with Hungarian alumni networks or clubs.

Currently, the program has 34 volunteers from 17 countries, speaking 23 languages besides English. They studied at 25 different majors (mostly master courses) at 14 different Hungarian universities.

Join Alumni Network Hungary, and you can read their experiences and their impressions on how alumni volunteering has developed their personal and social skills. If you are a fresh graduate you can ask them how they have adapted to the  Hungarian lifestyle. Some volunteers live in Hungary, so you can meet them here, or you can also connect them in your home country once you have returned to join to local alumni community they organize.

The volunteer application period is only available at a specific time of the year (soon it will be open), so your first step is to join the network and follow the news. Don’t forget to tell your friends too, that they can also participate in the Alumni Network Hungary to be part of a great community and to participate at various alumni meetings.

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