August 01, 2022 14:43
Application for Ludovika Scholars Guest Lecturer Program

The University of Public Service is a leading higher education institution in Hungary, its teaching and research portfolio are highly ranked in the region of Central and Eastern Europe. Within the Ludovika Scholars Program it invites applications for guest speakers and aims to provide citizens the opportunity to exchange ideas with foreign academics, researchers and experts.

Its predecessor was founded in 1808 and since then the University of Public Service has been transformed to become a modern, 21st century higher education institution, that offers undergraduate and postgraduate study and research opportunities in various fields such as public administration and political science, international and European studies, military science and security studies, law enforcement and water science. Now the University invites guest speakers from the listed disciplines, where the successful applicants will spend a week giving lectures, participating in workshops and taking part in professional discussions.

The deadline for submitting applications: August 31, 2022.

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