July 06, 2020 11:09
A moment to celebrate academic results

Even though the academic year is almost over, Stipendium Hungaricum students are still quite busy achieving celebration-worthy results in their studies. Organised by Szent István University, hosted by the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Studies, the 17th National Higher Education Student Conference for Environmental Science (OFKD_2020) was about to take place between 6-7 of April, but instead of postponing, the organisers decided to proceed with evaluating and choosing the best papers.

The Conference, which is organised yearly by different Hungarian universities, is a great opportunity for students from the field of environmental sciences to debut in the academic and scientific community.   This year, non-PhD students could apply by preparing a 20-50 pages scientific dissertation in the field of environmental science (from general environmental and sustainability issues through regulation and legislation to climate change issues,.). The Conference is bilingual - there is an entire section devoted to English papers.

In 2020,  the judges made their final decisions based on the written papers solely and announced the winners online as well. From all applicants, the judges have chosen the top 25-30 % - whose work and papers represents the case of environmental sciences the best. We are proud to congratulate to 4 Stipendium Hungaricum students for achieving these prestigious results.

Results of the Environmental Science Session:

  • Arun Ghandi (ELTE TTK) - Second place in the Environmental Science Session
  • Gabriel Iklaga (ELTE TTK) - Third place in the Environmental Science Session

Special Awards in the Environmental Science Session:

  • Ambra Hyskaj (ELTE TTK)
  • Harold Alejandro Jurano Rivadeneira (ELTE TTK)

Hungarian higher education has prestige in many scientific fields, and we are incredibly happy that international students contribute so much to upholding this name. If you are interested in participating in scientific competitions and conferences in the next academic year, we advise you to keep an eye on your university’s website so you can hear from the possibilities firsthand. Good luck!

Links and sources: http://ofkd2020.hu/

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