July 9, 2021 12:54

If you are a hiker, maybe you heard about the most famous Hungarian trail, the National Blue Trail (Országos Kéktúra) between Írottkő and Hollóháza, the two endpoints from the Western side to the North-Eastern mountains. During your studies, you can discover some parts or the whole one. Let’s get some details for your exciting journey!

July 2, 2021 14:30

Hungary has beautiful nature with various species, and more than 70 botanical gardens and arboretums wait for visitors to provide them a few silent hours for relaxing and studying. The gardens are spectacular during the whole year, but some of them are even more special in the time of blooming. Check out these university gardens with us, and book a place in the summer to visit them!

June 14, 2021 11:40

Have you ever thought about how 3D images work? And how the modern applications create so lifelike, precise images about an object? The development of holography and the process of creating 3D images links to a Hungarian scientist, Dénes Gábor, who got a Nobel Prize for his pioneer inventions in 1971. Read more about his life and his outstanding scientific achievements.

April 19, 2021 12:40

Have you ever thought about how your auditory system works? How the heard information from your surrounding reach your brain? The first important discoveries about the mechanism of ear were made by a Hungarian scientist, György Békésy, whose scientific results defined our present knowledge of the auditory perceptions. Read more about his life and achievements, for which he received Nobel Prize in 1961.  

April 12, 2021 11:54

On April 11 Hungarians celebrate National Poetry Day and its literary tradition isn’t so familiar among international student or foreign people living in Hungary.  First for fun, but later for building a bridge between cultures, Owen Good decided to translate contemporary work like poems written by Hungarian poets Renátó Fehér or Krisztina Tóth.

April 1, 2021 13:13

At Easter, the family tables are always filled with all sorts of mouth-watering dishes and delicacies. From spicy hams and boiled eggs to various tasty desserts, Easter also has its own tradition in the Hungarian cuisine. But what makes an Easter breakfast so special and what are the most typical Hungarian dishes on the table during Easter?