Research and innovation in Hungary

Have you ever heard of the iKnife that finds cancer during an operation, or the E+grid smart energy-positive street lighting system? What about the Maven7 world class know-how on organizational network analytics?

These are only a handful of the inventions of Hungarian universities. If you are interested in conducting innovative researches and making discoveries during your stay in Hungary, you have several options to get you started. All universities in the country offer research opportunities in all fields of study, which you can enquire about at your institution’s department once you are enrolled. Around 130 research groups operate at universities, which means you have a good chance of joining one of them. Also, after finishing your studies at the university, you can continue building your research career as we have many governmental and foundational institutes covering all fields of science.

Hungarian Academy of Science’s research institutions and groups: MTA's Research Centres and Institutes 

Research and innovation in Hungary
The National Research, Development and Innovation (NRDI) Office promotes value creating innovation, in strong partnership with the researcher and innovation community. The NRDI Office is the national strategic and funding agency for scientific research, development and innovation, the primary source of advice on RDI policy for the Hungarian government.

source: National Research, Development and Innovation (NRDI) Office