Student ID

If you have a student ID in your own country, all you need to do is obtain an international student ID prior to your visit to Hungary. This will entitle you to reductions on many services, such as train tickets, museum entrance fees, Youth Hostel accommodation, library memberships and several others. 

A Hungarian student ID will be provided by the institute to which you are placed as a student. This will be indicated in the conditions of your scholarship. Students planning to begin partial studies usually receive a Hungarian ID from the International Department / the Registrar’s Office of the institution at which they are studying. Please, contact your institution for further details. When you submit your application for a student ID, make sure you can present your attendance certificate, your letter of acceptance from the institution and (if this is a state scholarship) the letter confirming your state grant.

50% or more discounts in the following cases: 

  • monthly pass for public transport
  • travelling by train
  • travelling by bus
  • membership fee in public libraries