Work in Hungary as a student

Are you thinking about work during your studies in Hungary?

Before you jump into it, please consider the following regulations and restrictions:

According to the Hungarian legistaion (7 December 2016): pursuant to Section 20 (3) of Act II of 2007) the third-country citizens with residence permits for study purposes (specialisation, preparatory, bachelor, master, OTM) can pursue income earning activities in full time for no more than 24 hours a week during a term and for no more than ninety days or sixty six working days outside the terms.

If you are a PhD student, at first please consult with your host institution about your duties - capacities allocated already.

EURES Hungary It provides information, advice and recruitment/placement (job-matching) services for the benefit of workers and employers as well as any citizen about the Hungarian job market.

If you have some questions related to employement, you can directly contact to the relevant EURES Careeer Advisors at
You can also contact them at:
Phone number: 06 (1) 795 5050

After gradution if you would like to stay in Hungary for work purpose you need to have Residence Permit for the Purpose of Employment. Regarding the regulations please get informed at the Immigration and Asylum Office of Hungary at

You can also contact to the Career Office at your University, they can provide further informations about the employement and carreer opportunities, too.