Work in Hungary as a student

Are you thinking about working in Hungary during your studies?

Students who wish to work while studying here are given many options to pursue their studies or gain some work experience. Hungarian and international companies offer multilingual positions for foreign students. The biggest international corporations, such as TATA and GE, are popular choices among international students.

Reasons for finding a job during your studies:

  • employers provide flexible working hours and conditions for students (part-time, 4 or 6 hours / day)
  • you can finance your living alongside your monthly stipend
  • you gain work experience

We also have some regulations for student workers:

  • you can work a maximum of 24 hours a week
  • you must be above the age of sixteen

Careers offices
Most higher education institutions in Hungary have their own careers offices where students can obtain information regarding available jobs. These offices offer job opportunities through databases as well as organising programmes for students looking for jobs, and they help you with career planning and management.

EURES career
EURES is the job seeking portal of the European Union where you can find jobs posted by European companies including Hungarian ones. EURES Hungary provides information on working conditions and databases where jobseekers can browse through jobs in Hungary. Jobseekers who wish to get more information on regulations can contact the EURES office here

Job Fairs
In Hungary, we offer open job fairs for jobseekers who want to meet representatives of the labour market. HVG Job fair is the most popular fair organised in Hungary twice a year where both international and Hungarian companies are represented.

After graduation
If you would like to stay in Hungary for work purpose after graduation you need to have a Residence Permit for the Purpose of Employment. Regarding the regulations please get informed at the website of the Immigration and Asylum Office of Hungary