June 16, 2023 14:55
Semmelweiss University launches free symptom checker

Following two years of research and work, Semmelweis HELP was launched on June 14, 2023. The new app and website – guide parents to the appropriate healthcare action: it helps them decide what to do when their children get sick or suffer an accident and where to go.

Semmelweis University is a leading higher education institution in medicine and health sciences in Central and Eastern Europe. Besides its mission based on the integrity of education, research and development and patient care, the university sees educating the public as a priority.

Semmelweis HELP, a free health advice platform geared towards the general public, is based on the data compiled by the university’s doctors and contains the symptoms of more than 220 children's diseases,  said Béla Merkely, rector of Semmelweis University at the press conference introducing the application Semmelweis HELP  also gives instructions on how to relieve symptoms. Unlike symptom checkers that rely on literature and/or use artificial intelligence to generate a database, it was created using hands-on clinical experience gathered by the university’s medical specialists, doctors and communications experts.

Gábor Orbán, Chief Executive Officer of Gedeon Richter Plc highlighted the importance of cooperation among health industry players, which helps develop trusted and verified sources of health information, such as Semmelweis HELP, even patients at home can easily have access to.

The app has many “hidden” aids to assist users yet it is crucial that is used in the right headspace, he noted. Besides helping parents make informed decisions, the app advises on the proper ways of reducing fever, managing pain or applying to dress on wounds – should it see these problems arise. The expansion of the list which now contains 220 diseases is ongoing. A knowledge base/center that includes a list of children’s diseases in alphabetical order – with detailed descriptions and ways to relieve symptoms –  is also available on the website.

Talking about the future, the creators said they plan to expand the app for diseases in adults (e.g. gynaecology, cardiology) as well.

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