April 20, 2018 11:28
Semmelweis University among the best brands again!
Superbrands Award for the 5th time

Semmelweis University has been chosen as one of the best quality brands for the fifth time. Based on the decision of Superbrands Hungary’s Independent Experts Committee, the oldest Hungarian medical training institute won the Superbrands Award for the fifth time this year, as a recognition of the outstanding brand quality and brand-building work.

Semmelweis certificate of 

The Superbrands programme was established by the Brand Council Independent Organization in 1995 in Great Britain, following a successful BBC radio show. In the show, consumers were introduced to the best brands, whose origin, market position and future prospects were explored. Due to the success of the radio programme, Superbrands adapted the history of the market’s leading brands into book form. In 2000, the founders launched the Business Superbrands programme, focusing on B2B brands. The international programme has been present in Hungary since 2004, and its unquestionable success is indicated by the fact that in 2018, the top consumer brands have been awarded for the fourteenth time and the most outstanding business brands for the eleventh time.

Each year, the granting of the awards is based on a decision by a committee of more than forty independent experts at the end of a multi-stage process, following a professional pre-screening and online research conducted by consumers.

If you would like to get more information about Hungary's top medical education institution, please click on the following link: http://semmelweis.hu/english/news/2018/04/semmelweis-university-among-the-best-brands-again/

Zsófia Haszon
Cover photo: Attila Kovács
Translation: Diána Módos

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