August 02, 2021 17:00
Online space in music training

The coronavirus epidemic also fundamentally transformed music education, and with the spread of computer technologies, digital infrastructure also appeared in art education. The research, launched last fall, aimed to map creative ideas, teacher motivation strategies to support student activity, and the issue of how valuable online resources can be adapted to a modern art education system.

The experience and impact of virtual art education were studied in the research of the Doctoral Program in Education and Culture of the UD, the joint art pedagogical research group of the Faculty of Music of University of Debrecen and the Foundation for the Art of the Future.

The research began in November to study the experience in online art education and the impact of distance learning among music teachers teaching in institutions of primary, secondary and higher education (individual music teachers of instrumental and vocal, private teachers, orchestra and chorus masters).

Researchers wanted to find out, whether music educators had familiarized themselves with the new online forms of performing art, to what extent these had replaced live art events, how the methodology of education had changed, what the advantages and limitations of online platforms were, what lessons can be drawn from online education and what methods are worth incorporating into the traditional teaching model.

“As it turned out, sensation and movement cannot be taught digitally, nor can an instrument be tuned online. Digital devices have been integrated into everyday work, helping with education, but it has been proven that live music online does not work due to the lack of appropriate technical conditions and sometimes unstable internet access, but pre-recorded music practices are all the more effective. This also developed students' self-knowledge and critical ability. - emphasized Judit Váradi, research leader, associate professor of the Faculty of Music.

Read more about the research here.

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