March 28, 2022 10:08
Interview with Doaa Nabawy, an international student from BME

Doaa Nabawy is a student from Egypt, who came here to study architecture at Budapest University of Technology and Economics in 2018. A little while later she felt more attracted to mechanical engineering than architecture, for that reason she made up her mind to join BME gain but this time as a mechanical engineering student. At the moment she is over her two global exams and writing her thesis on hydrodynamics systems.

How do you like studying at the BME Faculty of Mechanical Engineering?

I enjoy studying here. The professors and lecturers are experienced and supportive, with great knowledge, and they speak understandable English. Mechanical engineering has a vital role in developing our communities that's why I was driven to study it otherwise I would be wasting my time.

How did your application process go on at BME?

Everything was straightforward since the coordinators explained the procedures. Even so, If you have any enquiry, the staff will guide you gently.

What are the most important things studying at BME gave you?

It makes me happy, as an Arabic Muslim woman, feeling welcome here at BME, and also by most of the people outside BME. Students and professors are nice and respectful. I do not remember that I faced any improper behaviour from any of my colleagues or professors here. Honestly, if you study hard, you will succeed which is fair, not impossible at all. Although the study programme here is advanced, you can go through it easily if you work hard and especially if you keep an eye on the concept, not the points you get, that's why I like it!

I also admire that the study curriculums are flexible and reasonable at BME, which is beneficial for us as students in developing our careers.

I would also like to highlight BME's International Mentor Team. When I came here to BME in 2018, one of them picked me up at the airport, and I owe them a lot. I appreciate the idea to create a group of domestic students to help international ones. I know that is not an easy task at all, to face such a diversity of incoming students from Asia, the Middle East, and South America. I am not connected with the International Mentor Team, but it is very good to have a supporting team, so in case you can seek help.

If you want to read more about the experiences of Doaa Nabawy, please visit the official blog site of the BME Faculty of Mechanical Engineering here! Please, visit the website of the International Mentor Team of the University to get more information for your stay here in Hungary. 

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