September 08, 2023 07:58
Hungarian Universities Among the World’s Bests

Each year several university rankings help to navigate among higher education institutions based on various criteria. It is a great honour to be part of these lists, and many Hungarian universities have achieved to be included among the first best 1,000 institutions. Check out the most prominent rankings and the best results of Hungarian unis.

The three most influential global rankings are the ones produced by Shanghai Ranking Consultancy (the Academic Ranking of World Universities; ARWU), Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), and Times Higher Education (THE). Each ranking organization measures the higher education institutions in different ways, using different criteria, and different weightings of similar criteria.

The first international rankings, the Academic Ranking of World Universities or Shanghai Rankings, were published in 2003 by Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China. Its assessment criteria are predominantly based on the research performance of the universities, especially in the science and engineering fields. ARWU uses six indicators to rank universities globally, including the number of articles published, the number of highly cited researchers, as well as the number of scientific awards won by the institutions’ alumni and current staff members.

On their global list, more than 1,800 universities are ranked by ARWU every year and the best 1,000 are published. On their latest ranking published in August 2023, four Hungarian universities were listed among the first 1,000.

The highest-ranked Hungarian university this year was ELTE, which jumped one category from last year to 501-600th.

Three other universities were also ranked:

  • Semmelweis University (place: 601-700),
  • University of Szeged (place: 701-800),
  • Budapest University of Technology and Economics (place: 901-1,000).

The QS World University Rankings portfolio started in 2004 and has become one of the world’s most popular sources of university performance. They assess institutions based on six indicators including academic and employer reputation, research citations faculty-student ratio, and international research network.

The latest QS World University Rankings 2024 features over 1,500 universities from around the world, and five Hungarian higher education institutions were listed among the best 1,000.

The University of Szeged has earned the best ranking among the Hungarian institutions, it took 601-610 place. 

The other Hungarian institutions that achieved to be listed among the best 1,000 universities are:

  • University of Debrecen (place: 671-680)
  • Eötvös Loránd University- ELTE (place: 701-710)
  • Budapest University of Technology and Economics (place: 741-750)
  • University of Pécs (place: 801-850),

The Times Higher Education World University Rankings is an annual publication of university rankings by the Times Higher Education (THE) magazine.  Its performance indicators are grouped into five areas: teaching, research, citations, industry income, and international outlook (staff, students, and research).

Its latest World University Rankings 2023 includes almost 1800 institutions across 104 countries. In this list, two Hungarian higher education institutions were listed among the best 1,000 universities worldwide, and

Semmelweis University received the best ranking among them, it took the 201-250 place.

Eötvös Loránd University (601-800) is listed among the first 1,000 institutions.

Although there is controversy surrounding rankings due to their methodology, and they should be considered with criticism, these lists can be still a useful starting point for your university search and a good way to monitor university performance. If you are interested in how your current or desired Hungarian university is ranked globally according to the above criteria, check out these lists for further information.

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