November 29, 2018 16:25
Alumni member experiences in Hungary I.

From time to time we ask our members and volunteers to tell about their Hungarian study and everyday experiences and why it is important for them to be an Alumni Hungary member.

"Studying in Hungary was a good mix of everything. The quality of education and research at Budapest University of Technology and Economics prepared me well for the requirements of a highly competitive working environment. On top of that, the best thing is that the Hungarian institutes offer lots of opportunities to develop yourself like volunteering, awards and extracurricular schemes. There are several noteworthy memories from the period of my studying in Hungary but without going in to details I would say I made some very good friends from different corners of the world. I developed confidence in my abilities through rational thinking, patience and retrospection.
As of now, this is a good time for new students to be a part of Alumni network and start building strong and healthy professional links all around the world. By being a part of Alumni network I always feel connected with the city of smiles, Budapest, which I miss almost everyday and the memories associated with the city itself bring smile to my face. 
Bilawal Hussein
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Transportation Engineering, MSc

"It was my dream to study abroad, and hopefully Tempus Public Foundation has fulfilled my dream to achieve my future endeavours. I’m glad and blessed to get this wonderful opportunity to complete my masters studies at one of the top best ranking university in the world, i.e. University of Debrecen.
It was my immense pleasure to be with this university, whereas I have got numerous opportunities to show my skills and talent in front of the world. Got so many Awards, prizes and recognition globally. I’ll highly recommend to start your studies in Hungarian Universities. Thanks for making me the person who I am today!
As Alumni Member you can connect with all the Alumni on one platform and make your professional connections strong. This platform gives you the numerous opportunities to discover your talent, research related work, educational events etc. to keep you connected with your old educational institution.
I’ll strongly recommend you to be part of this wonderful family, Alumni Network Hungary. Let’s connect minds and make this knowledge useful globally!"
Ayaz Mukarram Shaikh
University of Debrecen
Food Safety & Quality Engineer, MSc
Co-founder, Research and Development Professional,
Mrida, Hungary

"The experience of studying in Hungary not only broadened my horizon of knowledge but also expanded my cognition of culture. It is a great chance for you to construct a multi-cultural and open-minded personality, which makes you shinning. Being involved in the alumni network, you will know how excellent it is to work with excellent people in an excellent community."
Wang Feifei
Eötvös Loránd University, PhD

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