January 07, 2022 11:40
6 tips to prepare for your finals

It is already January, which means final exams are here! Exam periods are one of the most challenging and stressful times for a student. We collected some useful tips for you to help you prepare and succeed during your finals!

1. Use your learning style

When studying for the finals, just remember that you have managed most of your university years with success and that the bigger part is already behind you! You just need to use the learning styles that you have mastered throughout the years. If you are more like a colour code person, use colourful notes, flashcards, graphs, mind maps or charts to boost your memory! Does listening to music make you more effective? Well, try lyric-free music to help you retain. You can combine learning styles too to be more productive! All students use different techniques, which means you need to find and use the learning styles that suit you best.

2. Divide and conquer!

How do you manage to memorize the materials of two or three years of university lectures? Start from the beginning by gathering relevant information from previous semesters. Ask your teachers about the topics or have a brainstorming session with your classmates. Then, you can divide the topics and write about a one-page long summary of each. Revise the topics by dividing and studying every day. Dividing helps you to structure and follow your own study plan!

3. Find a study buddy

When studying for the finals, it is a great idea to learn in groups or find someone to ask about the questions that emerge while revising. During these study sessions, you are re-learning the material by explaining it to your classmates: you have to paraphrase your own notes and put the information in your own words, which helps you to retain more information. One more reason to have your own study group is that peers can prevent procrastination. You know that other people are counting on you and you must prepare for these events by gathering your questions.

4. Quiz yourself

If you have already memorized the material and feel prepared, try testing yourself each day! Cover your notes and try explaining them to yourself. Think about the exam questions with your professor’s head and create actual questions in advance, so you will get more familiar with the topics. Another method is to create a game plan, which allows you to accomplish tasks and be rewarded for each goal! Take the example of memorizing definitions: if you succeed and remember the word, you can have a small piece of chocolate or take a sip of coffee. However, be consistent: if you fail to answer, add another definition to your list.

5. The final countdown!

It is essential to sleep (or at least try to sleep) before your final exam. Relax and remember that you have already done what you could! Your body does need to take rest too, so resist the temptation of “one last revision” and be confident about your knowledge. Take a short walk-in nature, listen to music or just read a book to relax your mind. If you are a last-minute studier, flashcards can be extremely useful instead of rereading a whole book from the beginning.

6. Stay persuasive on the exam!

Pay attention to details such as clothing, body language, voice level or breathing because these can have a huge effect on your final exam results! Formal clothing is part of the dress code, but it doesn’t mean it has to be uncomfortable. Choose wisely and wear something you like but that is also suitable for the occasion. Speak with a normal voice and stand straight with your shoulders rolled back. If you still feel anxious, try relaxing breathing techniques in advance to help you focus.

If you follow these 6 crucial points during your final examination preparation, your quality of life will remain satisfying and you will be more likely to retain all the necessary information in the long-run too. You will go at your final exam feeling prepared, confident, and ready for any questions that come to your way! Good luck!

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