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Meet our first international alumni volunteers!

Watch the introductory videos of Liting Du from China and Yakubu Yakubu from Nigeria.

Call for Application 2017-2018!

Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship programme „Call for Application 2017-2018 academic year” is announced open for more than 50 countries! It is a uniqe opportunity for students beyond the European Union. Please spread the word so everybody can apply who is interested. Read more…

Budapest as an unexpected city for food lovers

 In the collection of National Geographic are 6 places where  you  can meet tastes of all over the world.  Some places from    Budapest  are also on the list as unique gastro destinations.  Come visit us  again  if you are hungry!   Read more...


Watch the concert videos of our distinguished alumni

At the first International Alumni Meeting in Hungary four of our distinguished alumni gave a classical concert for the guests on the 28th of October. Here you can watch these amazing programmes of the event:


Year of 2017: large international exhibitions and conferences in Hungary 

Budapest Hungexpo will hold several international events and fairs in 2017 that hopefully will gain also a lot of foreign visitors from various fields. Four major international events are already under organization for example the World Seed Congress on 22-24 Mayand a lot of other are under negotiation and planning.
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How to learn to love networking?

Do you have problems with your networking skills, are you too   shy to make the first steps, or you just started to learn how to do  it? Than this amazing article written by Susan Cain will be the    right material for you. She not just gives you useful tips but        actually shows how to start to love these kind of situtations. It  is  a compulsery  article for everybody!
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Central European Startup Awards were announced in 12 categories

The aim is to encourage the integration of the region’s start-ups to the international scene and to create networking opportunities and long-term professional relationships. The start-ups were chosen by a jury of more than 50 members, who are globally acknowledged professionals.
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Classic Hungarian fiction books

We brought you 10 Hungarian books that are available in English from classic novels to short-fiction. There are names such Sándor Márai, Géza Gárdonyi and Margit Kaffka. If you like Hungarian literature you should definately read one of them in the future. You can see the enitre list on the homepage of We love Budapest. Enjoy reading!
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We kindly invite you to pre-register to the first International Alumni Network of Hungary in order to stay in touch and take advantage from our alumni events and your network of former fellow students.

We are pleased to announce that our international alumni portal will be launched soon that will provide online services and facilitate the (re)union of former international students. By pre-registration you can reserve your online membership in our alumni portal.

Thank you for joining us!
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The first International Alumni Network aimes to establish and enhance an interactive, highly engaged and vibrant alumni community of former full-time and part-time foreign students who have attended or graduated from any higher education institutions in Hungary.