Have you ever been studying in one of Hungary’s higher education institutions?
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But why it is important to have and to join a community like this?

The first international Alumni Hungary Network, coordinated by the Tempus Public Foundation, is aimed at establishing and enhancing an interactive, highly engaged and vibrant alumni community of former full-time and part-time foreign students, who have attended or graduated from any higher education institutions in Hungary.

We would like you to maintain your positive impressions about the country and to give you further opportunities with the aim to benefit from your Hungarian experiences and connections.

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  • get practical news and tips regarding career and further education possibilities
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What kind of services are provided on the Alumni Hungary portal?

Our interactive map linked to a detailed search system gives you the opportunity to find your former alumni fellows and future partners wherever they are right now. You can initiate search based on different data such as: name; gender; country of origin; residence country; residence city; studies in hungary (institution, scholarship scheme, date)

You can create alumni events to meet your former fellows or former students from other Hungarian universities with the aim to collaborate, share memories and knowledge, or just simply to have a nostalgic good time. 

You are able to establish groups to create space for deeper discussions and debates in a wide range of topics no matter if professional or informal. One group can have several topics at the same time, with different forums, so it is really easy to keep track on your topics.

You can reach all these services and opportonuties for free without any membership fees, you just have to registrate on the website.

We hope to see you soon in the Alumni Hungary community!

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