Learning Hungarian

There are various options to study Hungarian in Hungary, depending on the available time you want to spend learning the language, your current level of Hungarian and general language skills. We have listed some of the most favourite state institutions offering Hungarian language courses.


Hungarian language studies at universities

University of Pécs,
Medical School, International Studies Centre 

The International Studies Centre (ISC) offers Hungarian language courses throughout the year. Twelve-week-long semester courses are organized in autumn and spring, with four- and two-week-long intensive courses offered in summer and winter. 

If you attend at the language courses you will be awarded with ECTS credits, both for the Semester programme and for the Intensive programme. At the last one, there are even more opportunities to develop your communication skills:

  • five levels from beginner to advanced,
  • a placement test taken on the first day of the course,
  • 30 language lessons per week,
  • focusing on communication,
  • after the exam, you will gain your well-deserved ECTS credit points.

A Few Highlights from the Extracurricular Program:

  • Explore Pécs, Cultural Capital of Europe in 2010
  • Discover the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, a beautiful World Heritage Site, and Kodály Center, the state-of-the-art concert hall of the city
  • Enjoy Hungarian and international gastronomy
  • Discover Hungarian folk music and folk dances
  • Try out traditional handicrafts
  • Explore villages, town sand natural reserves in the surrounding Mecsek mountains
  • Practice your Hungarian with native speakers in various contexts

More information: http://www.isc.pte.hu/


University of Szeged

We teach Hungarian language in an intensive form, and offer various courses related to Hungary and East-Central Europe in English. We are aware of the special needs and interests of international students in our modern times: besides offering traditional cultural subjects such as history, literature, folklore and arts, we also extend our syllabus towards Eastern-European economics, sociology, current politics and other fields of the social sciences.

We have semester programs: from the beginning of September to the middle of December and from the beginning of February to the middle of May. During the semesters we have language classes on five different levels besides the culture classes.

Our Summer School was founded in 2001. We usually have 50-60 students from 15-20 different countries while running language groups on at least four different levels.

The four-week program in August includes language learning on various levels, cultural exposure in combination with academic classes, entertainment and recreational programs as well as regular contact with Hungarian language partners. There is also a possibility to choose a two- or three-week module. We start beginner courses only at the beginning of the program. The workload equals 12-9-6 ECTS credits for the 4-3-2-week courses respectively.

More information: www.u-szeged.hu/english


Eötvös Loránd University

Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) is Hungary’s oldest university, where teaching has continued uninterrupted since its inception in 1635. The university has gradually expanded and today it consists of eight faculties. ELTE has international relations with 450 universities all over the world and has been developing and maintaining these relations for the benefit of both Hungarian and foreign students.

Language courses

The Department offers full-semester General Hungarian language courses and Special courses on Hungarian language and culture. The 13-week courses start at the beginning of both spring and autumn semesters. The curriculum has been developed for one or two 90-minute classes per week for a period of one semester. Students get 3 ECTS credits after successfully completing the course. The General Hungarian language course and the Special course on Hungarian language and culture complement each other and thus it is possible to attend both courses in the same semester.

More information: www.elte.hu/en/content/language-courses.t.94?m=53

Summer University of Hungarian Language and Culture

 In the summer, Eötvös Loránd University organizes a summer university on Hungarian language and culture. The summer university program is built up of three main modules: intensive Hungarian language classes from beginner to proficiency levels (60–90–120classes), lectures on Hungarian culture, arts, and history (8–10–12–16 classes), and cultural programs, including museum visits, dance house visits, sightseeing in and around Budapest, and an excursion to Lake Balaton.

More information: www.elte.hu/en/summer_university_hungarian

University of Debrecen

Summer School - Hungarian language for foreigners since 1927 Debrecen Summer School (DSS) is an education institution specializing in teaching Hungarian as a foreign language and Hungarian culture. As an independent institution, DSS is connected to the University of Debrecen through numerous links. Its mission is to provide students with a thorough knowledge of both Hungarian language and culture.

Established in 1927, the Summer School has grown to become the biggest Hungarian summer school. Every year, more than 1,400 students from 30-40 countries are taught by the experienced Debrecen Summer School staff who are all recognised as experts in teaching Hungarian as well as foreign languages. During the summer courses, lectures are offered on Hungarian history and culture in addition to regular language classes.

More information: www.nyariegyetem.hu

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