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University of Sopron
Sopron, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky u. 4.

The University of Sopron is a higher educational institution made up of four faculties. With campuses in the historical town of Sopron, a jewel city situated in the Fertő region (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and at the foot of the Lower Alps. The university offers up-to-date knowledge to almost 6 thousand students who benefit from the high standards of education and advanced infrastructure. Founded in 1735, University of Sopron is one of the top universities among higher education institutions in Hungary, boasting over a large number of students in the country. The synergy of long-living traditions and the novel methods in scientific researches and education provides the students cutting edge knowledge, a high standard of education with advanced infrastructure.

The University offers a broad range of training and degree programs from bachelor level (BA, BSc) to master level (MA, MSc), as well as the doctoral level (PhD, DLA) in three languages: Hungarian, English and German.

The University of Sopron considers itself as “green university” that endeavours to create skills to conserve and improve ecologically, economically and socially adaptable methods to provide sustainable development of life quality for nature and mankind. It cultivates moral and human values, never losing sight of traditions. Its ‘regional centre’ consciousness is determined by its position as a Euro-region centre and by the needs of the over-the-border Hungarian nationality.

The SoE (University of Sopron) is an open-minded institution, inclined to corporate with anyone that could agree on its objectives and targets and would serve the intellectual progress and development of the region as well as the whole country.

The campus of the University of Sopron with four faculties is located in West Transdanubia: a developed, industrialised region at Hungary’s western border, specialised in automotive and machinery industries, characterised by larger-than-the-national-average weight of FDI.  Its regional innovation system has been rapidly evolving since 2009 with mobilisation of the region’s endogenous assets like thermal tourism, wood and furniture industries.

What does University of Sopron offer to You?

Widespread international relations:  about 350 bilateral agreements for cooperation and exchange. Our main partners are in Austria, Germany and Finland, but several joint activities, projects have been realized with partners from outside Europe: USA, China, Japan, India, Brazil, South-Africa…

High quality and professionalism in our teaching and research methods: we offer our students unique training system, a widely recognised diploma and a broad range of individual opportunites to evolve. The trainings are based on group work, where only a few students work together focusing on learning-by-doing.

The possibility to join the professional community already while at university: professional workshops, study groups, international conferences, ongoing researches and projects at our departments and research institutions.

Several academic scholarships and grants, excellent internship opportunities in every semester.

The best infrastructure to help your studies: modern buildings, pleasant atmosphere and up-to-date technologies, scientific and research laboratories, library and free WI-FI access on campus.

Vibrating student life: vide range of sporting possibilities, camps, excursions, trips, pub tours, parties, one of the biggest festivals in Hungary and other amazing programs...

Hungarian language course: Hungarian language courses are offered during the academic year. 

English, German language courses: To brush up your english or german knowledge, to improve your language skills while studying at UWH, we offer you free language courses for two-three semesters.

Beneficial geographical location (a border region with four neighbours: Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Slovakia) and good accessibility by highways granted West Transdanubia an advantageous competitive position.

Attractive places to live: our campus is located in a beautiful city merging past and present in itself, creating a bridge between Hungary and its western neighbors, offering their inhabitants, tourists and students a variety of leisure activities.

Student traditions: Three faculties of Sopron cherishes the student traditions originating in Selmecbánya whose roots go back to the mysterious Middle Ages. In 2014 the Hungarian National Commission for UNESCO chose Student traditions of Selmec for inscription into the Hungarian Register of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

In Sopron all four faculties have something interesting and unique to offer.

Faculty of Forestry in Sopron à Unique in Hungary

Education of forest engineers at the Faculty of Forestry originated from Selmecbánya and now it looks back on two hundred years of history and is unique in Hungary even today. The Faculty of Forestry was the first one in Hungary to start a training program in wildlife management. The Faculty of Forestry has a significant scientific capacity. Its research strategy fits into the research-development innovation strategy of the University of Sopron ; its most important research areas are: the forest as an ecosystem, the natural and economic conditions of forest management, impact assessment of the changing environment, nature conservation, wildlife biology – wildlife management, molecular bases of the physiological processes of forest trees and dendro-chemistry. According to a student opinion poll, made by the National Higher Education Information Centre (OFIK), published under the title “Universities on the Balance” in 2005, the Forestry Faculty of the University of Sopron is the faculty with the best atmosphere. The town of Sopron awarded the faculty the Civitas Fidelissima Prize for its key role played in the life of the town.

Benedek Elek Faculty of Pedagogy in Sopron à Full Palette of Pedagogy

The Benedek Elek Faculty of Pedagogy in Sopron is an institution with the longest-standing traditions in early childhood education in Hungary. The institution has played a key role in Hungarian pre-school education since 1875. Today the faculty offers a broad range of courses including a programme for infant and child care specialists, kindergarten teachers as well as courses on social pedagogy and teacher training. Thus covering almost the full palette of pedagogy and social sciences extended with arts, music and sports education. The institute offers versatile, practice-oriented and marketable courses of studies, which flexibly accommodate to the needs of the regional, national and international labour market. The faculty also boasts several special courses among which foreign language based (German & English) trainings are especially popular. They are undoubtedly a magnet for early childhood students and specialists from all over Europe and even from America and Asia. According to the survey carried out among students by the Higher Education Information Centre, reputation of the labour market value of the Faculty’s diplomas received the second place among the 17 elementary and nursery school teachers training faculties.

Alexandre Lámfalussy Faculty of Economics in Sopronà No 1 in Teaching Excellence

The Faculty of Economics in Sopron is proud to be located in a city, which influences through its middle-size the life and also the teaching-methods of the Faculty. Our institute puts emphasis on the personal contacts between students and professors. We think, it is a value nowadays that we can offer small student-groups and the opportunity to create a personal contact to the teachers and staff. That’s why the faculty attracts students from the whole country. Arising from the historical-geographical situation of the city, we handle the faculty's cross-border role as regional centre for education and research of high priority.

We run BA program in German and English languages and we offer internship possibilities to study at different partner universities abroad.

The name of the Faculty, Alexandre Lamfalussy means for us obligation, possibilities and high expectations now and in the future.

Simonyi Károly Faculty of Engineering, Wood Sciences and Applied Arts in Sopron à Unique in Hungary

Natural resources engineering plays a vital role at the Faculty, the long tradition and knowledge accumulated in wood science and technology complemented with areas like applied arts, industrial design, business informatics and mechatronics transformed the college into a unique and special place to study and do research. Synergies of the different areas, multidisciplinarity and the supportive atmosphere promote the complex solution of problems. Creativity and innovation is the common feature of all educational areas including engineering, information science, and applied arts offered by the faculty. Programs in applied arts in Sopron enjoys the second highest national reputation after Budapest. Recognition of the faculty is also fostered by the achievements of the students, e.g. the creators of the pressurized air driven car (pneumobil), which won second prize in a national competition, or the constructors of the “Fireant” boat who rowed across the Atlantic Ocean in the boat designed and built by themselves, and which won a prize for best design.


  • English
  • German
  • Hungarian

International study programmes

  • BA in Business Administration and Management (available in German)
  • BA in International Business Economics (available in English)
  • BA in Kindergarten Pedagogy (available in German)
  • BSc in Timber Industry Engineering (available in English)
  • International Joint Cross-Border PhD Programme in International Economic Relations and Management (available in English)

Roth Gyula Doctoral School of Forestry and Wildlife Management Sciences

  • Ecology and Diversity of Forest Ecosystems
  • Biological Basis of Forest Management
  • Forest Assets Management
  • Forest Technology
  • Wildlife Management
  • Nature Conservation

József Cziráki Doctoral School of Wood Sciences and Technologies

  • Wood Science
  • Wood Processing Technologies and Creative Design
  • Wooden Constructions
  • Fibre- and Nanotechnology
  • Informatics in Wood Industry
  • Management in Wood Industry

István Széchenyi Management and Organisation Sciences Doctoral School

  • Public Economics
  • Marketing
  • International Economics
  • Business Economics and Management
  • The Social and Economic Contexts of Human Resources

  • English
  • Hungarian
Study area
  • Agricultural Science
  • Arts and Art Education
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Computer Science and Information Technology
  • Economic Science
  • Natural Science
  • Teacher Training
  • Engineering Science
  • Ba/BSc
  • Ma/MSc/MBA
  • one-tier Master course