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University of West-Hungary
Sopron, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky u. 4.
The University of West Hungary is among the higher educational institutions boasting over the
largest numbers of students in the country. With campuses in two historical Western Hungarian
towns, the university offers up-to-date knowledge to almost 6 thousand students who benefit from
the high standards of education and advanced infrastructure.
Among the legal predecessors of the university, there are some institutions with a great past, like the
School for Training Mining Officers, founded by Charles III (1735), raised to an academic rank by
Maria Theresa.
The University of West Hungary considers itself as “green university” that endeavours to create skills
to conserve and improve ecologically, economically and socially adaptable methods to provide
sustainable development of life quality for nature and mankind.
It cultivates moral and human values, never losing sight of traditions. Its 'regional centre'
consciousness is determined by its position as a Euro-region centre and by the needs of the over-theborder
Hungarian nationality. The NYME (University of West Hungary) is an open-minded
institution, inclined to corporate with anyone that could agree on its objectives and targets and
would serve the intellectual progress and development of the region as well as the whole country.
All the faculties at the University of West Hungary have something interesting or unique to offer.
  • hungarian
  • english
Study area
  • Agricultural Science
  • Arts and Art Education
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Computer Science and Information Technology
  • Economic Science
  • Natural Science
  • Teacher Training
  • Engineering Science
  • Ba/BSc
  • Ma/MSc/MBA
  • one-tier Master course