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Semmelweis University
Budapest, Üllői út 26.

Multicultural knowledge centre in the heart of Budapest

With its activities based on the triadic unity of education, research and healthcare, Semmelweis University is Hungary’s oldest medical institution and remains unique in the country as a health sciences university. The University’s students have the possibility to study in a modern and inspirational environment using 21st century equipment and taught by the most distinguished professors in three languages: Hungarian, English and German.

Over 240 years of tradition

Semmelweis University’s history started in 1769 when Queen Maria Theresafounded the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Nagyszombat. Today 70% of Hungary’s dentists, 50% of its pharmacists, 42% of its doctors and 27% of its healthcare professionals are Semmelweis graduates. On the 200th anniversary of its foundation, the University took the name of Ignaz Semmelweis, the world famous doctor.

At the top of university rankings

Semmelweis University possesses prestigious place in domestic and international rankings as well. According to HVG’s ranking Semmelweis University is the top higher education institution in the country based on aggregate student and staff excellence. Numerous programmes at the various faculties earned a top place in the rankings per specific field. Almost a third of the ca. 11,000 students are international who came to Budapest from 78 countries of 5 continents.


Faculty of Dentistry

The degree attained at the end of the five-year programme enables the students to practice dentistry and treat patients immediately.

Dentistry Programme (English, German)

Faculty of Health and Public Services

The youngest faculty of the university was founded by three institutions dealing with natural and social sciences.

MSc in Health Services Management (Slovakian)

Faculty of Health Sciences

The faculty provides students with competitive and high quality education supported by modern technology and motivating learning environment in the field of health sciences.

BSc: Physiotherapy, Nursing, Midwifery (English)

MSc: Physiotherapy, Nursing (English, Italian)

Faculty of Medicine

Semmelweis University’s largest and oldest faculty where graduate and postgraduate education takes place in three languages.

General Medicine Programme (English, German)

Faculty of Pharmacy

Professionals with the most insightful and thorough knowledge in molecular sciences are trained at the faculty, who upon the completion of the course have an ample variety of jobs to choose from, ranging from those of at pharmacies to the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmacy Programme (English, German)

School of Ph.D. Studies

Being one of the most influential institutions of Ph.D. studies in Hungary, it offers postgraduate studies in 7 doctoral schools.

  • English
  • German
  • Hungarian
Study area
  • Medical and Health Science
  • Ba/BSc
  • Ma/MSc/MBA
  • one-tier Master course
  • summer school