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Óbuda University
Budapest, Bécsi út 96/B

Óbuda University 

1034, Budapest, Bécsi út 96/b

Óbuda University is an active and recognized player of the higher education market, providing high-standards and competitive services. Our diverse educational palette focuses on the fields of engineering, informatics, natural scienses, economics, and teacher training. We are commited to teaching in a student friendly manner, and providing opporunities for life-long

studies. The main emphasis of our Univesity is on our high quality educational program, which is based on strong theoretical basics, practical workshops and our own academic research results.

The main goal of Óbuda University is to develop a new higher educational model which operates in a network system, applies groundbreaking educational methods, focuses on the practical aspects of studies, satisfies the needs of industry and provides excellent quality education in every aspect of higher education.

Our six faculties provide qualitative, practice-orientated, competitive learning and research facilities in the fields of technological, computer, natural and economic sciences.

Our programs in English

  • Undergraduate programs are offered with Bachelor of Science (BSc) degrees
    • Mechatronics Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Engineering Information Technology
    • Industrial Product Design Engineering
    • Environmental Engineering
    • Technical Management

  • Graduate programs with Master of Science (MSc) degrees
    • Applied Mathematics
    • Engineering Information Technology
    • Mechatronics Engineering

  • Doctoral programs:
    • Doctoral School of Applied Informatics and Applied Mathematics (a joint education program with the Technical University of Milano)
    • Doctoral School of Materials Sciences and Technologies
    • Doctoral School of Safety and Security Sciences.

More information about the university :  www.uni-obuda.hu/en

More information about our programs: http://uni-obuda.hu/files/attachments/8518/bulletin.pdf

Our colleagues are always ready to help you, please send the e-mail:  international@uni-ouda.hu

  • English
  • Hungarian
Study area
  • Computer Science and Information Technology
  • Economic Science
  • Engineering Science
  • Ba/BSc
  • Ma/MSc/MBA
  • one-tier Master course