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Hungarian Dance Academy
Budapest, Columbus u. 87-89.

The most important goal and professional task of the Hungarian Dance Academy is to train and educate versatile dancers, dance teachers, choreographers and theoreticians who in turn, will be able to qualify as performing artists, teachers or pursue creative work on the strength of their expertise, having acquired the values of international and Hungarian culture, especially in the field of dance art.

The Hungarian Dance Academy was founded in 1950. The Academy is located at two sites: the Institute for Training Dance Artists is in the 14th district, the Institute for Training Choreographers and Dance Pedagogues is in the city centre (7th district).

The Academy offers English language BA Dance Artist programs in Classical Ballet and Modern Dance specializations. The training period is 6 semesters. 

Education in Classical Ballet specialization is based on the Vaganova-method, acknowledged all over the world as well as the methodology based on the combinations of the traditions of the Nádasi school. The students are trained in the following professional subjects: Classical Ballet, Pas de Deux, Repertoire, Acting, Modern Ballroom Dances, Folk Dance, Modern Dance and Music. The academic subjects are: Dance History, Music History, History of the Arts, History of Culture, Motion Biology, Foreign Languages as well as Optional Subjects. In addition to attending the professional and theoretical classes, the students regularly take part in the ballet and opera performances of the Hungarian State Opera, thus gaining stage routine in compliance with their age and ability.

The primary aim of the training at the Modern Dance specialization is the acquisition of Graham-, Limón- and Contact Technique, Jazz Dance and European Modern Dances. One of the most important requirements for students to join the Modern Dance Department is good improvisational skills. Students also study other professional and theoretical subjects such as Classical Ballet, Pilates, Repertoire, Dance in Home-Country, History of the Arts, Music History, Dance History, Kinesiology, etc.

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