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Eötvös József College
Baja, Szegedi út 2.

Eötvös József College is pleased to offer BA, BSc and postgraduate courses, especially in Water related Engineering and Business and Management fields. The College’s Engineering Institution was originally established in the middle of the last century to provide professional development training for engineers working for the water authorities. The College offers the only degree specializations in Hungary which are expressly designed to meet the needs of the water management sector, training students to solve problems relating to applied engineering, key technological developments, construction and operation in the domain. We maintain strong links with the water authorities, the National Water Authority, the Hungarian Association of Water Utilities, the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers and numerous other professional associations.

- Engineering field: students will get up-to-date theoretical and practical knowledge about the development and management of water supply networks, sewerage treatment, sludge treatment and disposal, and the operation of the water infrastructure for public baths. Our effective practical training is supported by state-of-the-art laboratories and computer equipment. Our Water Technology Laboratory site offers our students a hands-on learning experience which is unique in Hungary, which is supplemented by field work at the College’s measuring stations in Magyaregregy and Érsekcsanád.

- Business and Management field:  The aim of course is to set the future possibilities of understanding and acquainting each other’s business environments. In nowadays, the process of globalization enforced the business actors to recognize and adapt to the local and regional cultural differences (especially in the business field). Small and Medium Size Enterprises create the fundamentals of national economy in the EU and USA, too. Our Institute of Business Economics is turned to SMS Enterprises with the aim to promote the local and regional economic development. The course is built to be helpful in the increasing economical status of the countries, one of the most important pillars of this kind of education is the strong relation with actors of governmental and enterprises sphere. The course should be a useful tool to provide the next generations with opportunity to start and run a business in the international environment by student mobility to facilitate the experience change and on the job learning possibilities.

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  • Economic Science
  • Ba/BSc
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