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András Pető College
Budapest, Kútvölgyi út 6.

The András Pető College (APC) is dedicated to train conductors.   
The conductor is a professional who provides development for children with cerebral palsy and some other neuro system disease which cause the impairment of motor development and related development problems. Adults with neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson disease, multiple sclerosis - which effects the motor performance and daily living. Adults suffering the effect of stroke also can be supported by the conductors work.  Conductors are authorised to use the method of conductive education which was established and developed in Hungary.

Originally the College trains conductors with the specialisation to kindergarten education or school education on BA level. The training is for 4 years (8 semesters).
The language of training is Hungarian.  For this at least intermediate level (B1B2) language knowledge is required.

The conductor training with pedagogical rehabilitation as a third type of specialisation on BA level will be started in February 2017.  The training is for 4 years (8 semesters).
The language of this training is English.   For this, intermediate or higher level of language knowledge is required.

The András Pető College has two Institutions:
The Institute of Conductive Pedagogy (ICP) is responsible for the conductive education theory and practice during the training. This Institute is preparing the trainees for the professional skills to achieve professional competences and responsibility by the end of the course. The Institute's lecturers are participating not only providing theoretical knowledge of conductive pedagogy but in the training for specialisation as well. The professional practice during the training is organised in the Kindergarten and the School of the College and also take place in the Early Intervention Unit and the Adult Conductive Education Department. In case of specializing on pedagogical rehabilitation the professional practice will take place in other rehabilitation Institutions as well. 

The Institute of Human Sciences (IHS) is responsible for the development of human literacy, establishing the human scientific development of the students and supporting their activities in researches in Hungary and abroad and support research work of the trainees.  In close cooperation with the ICP, theory related practice is directed by the lecturers for enforcing methodological knowledge for education and teaching.  This Institute is responsible for the education of pedagogy, psychology and social sciences. Language skills are developed by the language teachers of the Institute.

The diploma by graduation as a conductor is a very competitive diploma, more than the 90 per cent of the freshly graduated conductors receive employment in education institutions, early intervention centres, rehabilitation centres, hospitals, social institutions etc. 

Due to the interdisciplinary training, the conductor as a professional is highly recognised and appreciated not only in Hungary but all over the world. 

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