STIPENDIUM HUNGARICUM: "I reckon two years of my postgrad as a best part of my educational career where I got a chance to work with a best professor and researcher of my research interest. We are still in contact and working together on projects. Ergo, I believe Hungary is one of the best options to pursue your professional qualification. "

STIPENDIUM HUNGARICUM: From time to time we ask our members and volunteers to tell about their Hungarian study and everyday experiences and why it is important for them to be an Alumni Hungary member.

STIPENDIUM HUNGARICUM: As you graduate today I urge you to think about life a little more, and of people whom we will serve. Think about what really matters to you and them. Please do not waste your time on this planet let’s do our best to shape the world into a better place for all of us.

STIPENDIUM HUNGARICUM: Indeed, my stay here in Hungary exposed me to the fact that everybody can live peacefully not minding the religious, cultural and social background. Society can be a better if we choose to make it a better.

STIPENDIUM HUNGARICUM: Stipendium Hungaricum Program is a huge opportunity for both national and international students to network, share each other's culture, and make this world a global village.

STIPENDIUM HUNGARICUM: When you have time, think back on your entire study abroad experience. The people you met, the places you traveled, the things you did… don’t be afraid to reminisce. Appreciate the fact that you did something very few students get to do, and treasure that experience and the new qualities you possess because of it.

STIPENDIUM HUNGARICUM: A forever memory to be held and narrated in the future; these years have been eye-opening and life-changing for many of us, it's fascinating how people from every part of the globe could gather, study, and live together in the same community and actually love each other despite the differences.

STIPENDIUM HUNGARICUM: Most of the time dreams stay dreams for villagers. Well, like other student studying in a village school, I also had the dream, but I didn’t think it would come true. My name is Rashid. I’m from India and I grew up in a small village called Nagrota. It’s located northern part of my country. I never thought I would at one time live and study abroad.

It is not only the theoretical knowledge gained during the studies. It is also about the knowledge gained from living happily in a foreign country, communicating and interacting with people from different nationalities and cultures.

Feifei Wang is a 27 years old girl. She is Chinese while she lives in Hungary right now in the capital city, Budapest. She studied public health during her master’s study in University of Debrecen. 

Abdallah Benhamida is 24 years old, living in Algeria. 
Interviews with international students